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a + FreeWDE - FreeBSD with Whole Disk Encryption
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    * [[http://​www.freebsd.org/​doc/​en_US.ISO8859-1/​books/​handbook/​kernelconfig-building.html|Building and Installing a Custom Kernel]]    * [[http://​www.freebsd.org/​doc/​en_US.ISO8859-1/​books/​handbook/​kernelconfig-building.html|Building and Installing a Custom Kernel]]
    * [[http://​taosecurity.blogspot.com/​2008/​12/​ossec-and-pf-on-freebsd-to-limit-ssh.html|OSSEC and Pf on FreeBSD to Limit SSH Brute Forcing]]    * [[http://​taosecurity.blogspot.com/​2008/​12/​ossec-and-pf-on-freebsd-to-limit-ssh.html|OSSEC and Pf on FreeBSD to Limit SSH Brute Forcing]]
 +   * [[http://​rop.gonggri.jp/?​p=269|FreeWDE - FreeBSD with Whole Disk Encryption]]
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