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Some simple usage:

all packets arriving at or departing from # tcpdump -n host

To print traffic between and either or # tcpdump -n host and \( or \)

To print all IP packets between and any host except # tcpdump ip -n host and not

To print all traffic between local hosts and hosts at Berkeley: # tcpdump net ucb-ether

To print all ftp traffic through internet gateway xx: # tcpdump 'gateway xx and (port ftp or ftp-data)'

To print traffic neither sourced from nor destined for local hosts (if you gateway to one other net, this stuff should never make it onto your local net). # tcpdump ip and not net localnet

To print the start and end packets (the SYN and FIN packets) of each TCP conversation that involves a non-local host. # tcpdump 'tcp[13] & 3 != 0 and not src and dst net localnet'

To print IP packets longer than 576 bytes sent through gateway xx: # tcpdump 'gateway xx and ip[2:2] > 576'

To print IP broadcast or multicast packets that were not sent via ethernet broadcast or multicast: # tcpdump 'ether[0] & 1 = 0 and ip[16] >= 224'

To print all ICMP packets that are not echo requests/replies (i.e., not ping packets): # tcpdump 'icmp[0] != 8 and icmp[0] != 0“

Unsorted links

You found something interesing on the net and you don't know where to put it?? This is the place!

Free Stock Photos

  • Stock Xchng – You will have to register, but it’s well worth it. You can definitely find some top quality images that can easily be used in presentations. Some of my favorites are the images with a white background, like this one.
  • everystockphoto – This service scrapes a number of free stock photo websites and pulls them all together. Think of it as a stock image aggregator.
  • StockVault – Similar service to Stock Xchng. You can find really great images that are of professional quality and would look great projected on a screen.
  • FreePhotosBank – Free Stock Photos, just like the title says. Great thing about this service is that you don’t need to create an account. You can just log onto the website and search for images related to your presentation and download them freely.
  • Flickr – Probably one of the best services ever invented. Anyone can upload photos and there are literally thousands of photos uploaded every day. Some of them have been rights-reserved, so best way to approach Flickr is to use the Advanced Search option and scroll to the bottom. Check the “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” box and be on your merry way.

Remove passwords from PDF

Install qpdf

 aptitude install qpdf

Decrypt your pdf

 qpdf --password=password --decrypt input.pdf output.pdf

Level 1 Headline

  • APC Configurator - Windows only. I did try this a while ago and found it wasn't bad, but no power calculations — one of the reasons I went to a spreadsheet in the first place.
  • http://www.ausrackid.com.au/AusrackID - flash based, so works on a Firefox on Linux. Very nice, but a limited number of hardware choices — so there are Apple Xserves but no Thumpers. There's no way to add hardware and no real generic choices (“4U server”, “12-disk 8U array”, etc). Also no power calculations.
  • RackTables - GPL'd LAMP app, so dead easy to install. Not bad at all, but it's an early version (0.16.6) so the interface is a bit clumsy interface and there are lots of features planned RSN. Aims to be a cross between a server room planner and an asset tracker, so that might not fit in with my planned use of GLPI. No power caculations, though there is a request to add SNMP monitoring of APC PDUs.
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