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 +====== Node.js ======
 +===== Install Node.js on Debian Squeeze =====
 +(via https://​sekati.com/​etc/​install-nodejs-on-debian-squeeze)
 +**Install dependency packages**
 +   sudo apt-get update && apt-get install git-core curl build-essential openssl libssl-dev
 +**Install Node.js & NPM**
 +git clone https://​github.com/​joyent/​node.git
 +cd node
 +# 'git tag' shows all available versions: select the latest stable.
 +git checkout v0.6.8
 +# Configure seems not to find libssl by default so we give it an explicit pointer.
 +# Optionally: you can isolate node by adding --prefix=/​opt/​node
 +./configure --openssl-libpath=/​usr/​lib/​ssl
 +make test
 +sudo make install
 +node -v # it's alive!
 +# Lucky us: NPM is packaged with Node.js source so this is now installed too
 +# curl http://​npmjs.org/​install.sh | sudo sh
 +npm -v # it's alive!
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