IBM Lotus Domino (instalation under linux)

Domino R5.011

IBM Lotus Domino R5.011 (Linux); system: Debian (woody/stable) GNU/linux, kernel 2.4.x

Domino 6.x

IBM Lotus Domino ® Server, Release 6.5.3, September 14, 2004; system: Debian (sarge/stable) GNU/linux, kernel 2.4.x


  • create new user/usergroup for domino server
  • chown all domino stuff to this user/group
  • run all domino proccesses as this user/group

For these versions it is not sufficient to just link to the existing version, you have to install the correct version which is included in the package libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1. Because has been taken offline you can download it here

Also see here

init.d script

  # domino Start/stop the Lotus Domino server
  # chkconfig: 345 95 95
  # description: This script is used to start and stop the domino
  # server as a background process. It will send
  # the serverID password from a file to the server.
  # Communication with the server has to be done through
  # console, Notes Administrator or webadmin.
  # Usage: /etc/rc.d/init.d/domino start|stop
  # process name: server, ...
  # Change the USER, GROUP, DATA_DIR and BIN_DIR for your server
  # We need a file to put the serverID password in.
  # Make sure the owner is the Domino owner and the file
  # permissions are set to 400
  # See if the user that runs this script is root
  if [ `id -u` != 0 ]; then
    echo "This script must be run by root only"
    exit 1
  # See how we were called.
  case $1 in
  # First, check if the password file exists,
  # and if not, exit with an errorcode
  #if [ ! -f $SERVER_PASSWD_FILE ] ; then
  #echo "Error: no password file."
  #exit 1
  # Set permission to 400 (read-only-owner)
  # and ownership to $DOMINO_USER. These next lines are
  # not necessary if the ownership was set correctly the first time.
  #chmod 400 $SERVER_PASSWD_FILE
  # Two ways to run the server (comment one of them out)
  # 1. With the output of the console redirected to /var/log/domino.log
  # Be sure to change the logrotate daemon.
  # 2. With the output of the console redirected to /dev/null
  echo -n "Starting domino server..."
  # Version with logfile
  su - ${DOMINO_USER} -c "cd ${DOMINO_DATA_DIR};\
   ${DOMINO_BIN_DIR}/server" \
  >> /var/log/domino 2>&1 &
  # Version without logfile
  # su - ${DOMINO_USER} -c "cd ${DOMINO_DATA_DIR};\
  # cat ${SERVER_PASSWD_FILE} |\
  # ${DOMINO_BIN_DIR}/server" > /dev/null 2>&1 &
  echo "done."
    echo -n "Stopping Domino server. "
    su - ${DOMINO_USER} -c "cd ${DOMINO_DATA_DIR}; ${DOMINO_BIN_DIR}/server -q"
  echo "Usage: domino {start|stop}"
    exit 1
  exit 0
  # End of the domino script

Troubleshooting undefined symbol: cerr

 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/server: relocation error: /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/ undefined symbol: cerr

Under Debian Sarge install this package. See under installation.


 LDAP Server: Listener failure: 'bindsock' helper application is missing, not executable, not owned by root, or not setuid root.
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