FIX Crashing X-window with ATI drivers while moving toolbar icons

nglayout.enable_drag_images false

Move disk cache onto RAMdisk

use tmpfs in linux

add to /etc/fstab:

tmpfs		/mnt/ramdisk	tmpfs	size=520M,noatime,mode=0777     0       0

use rmdisk in Windows

imdisk.exe -a -s 200M -m R: -S 4096 -p “/fs:exFAT /q /y”

in about:config add

browser.cache.disk.parent_directory  R:\
browser.cache.disk.capacity 190000

Make Firefox remember all forms and passwords

find nsLoginManager.js




C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\nsLoginManager.js)

Once you've found that file, open it in an editor, and find the section that has isAutoCompleteDisabled, and make it look like this (so it will always return FALSE):

    * _isAutoCompleteDisabled
    * Returns true if the page requests autocomplete be disabled for the
    * specified form input.
    _isAutocompleteDisabled :  function (element) {
    //        if (element && element.hasAttribute(”autocomplete”) &&
    //            element.getAttribute(”autocomplete”).toLowerCase() == “off”)
    //            return true;
    return false;

In recent FF versions the nsLoginManager.js file is located in the “omni.jar” file (or “omni.ja” since FF 10). You'd have to open omni.jar with an unarchiver tool and look for your file in the “components” folder. After the modification select all files/folders within the omni folder, re-compress them and rename the resultant archive file to omni.jar

Make old Firefox add-ons "compatible"

Find in install.rdf section similar to this:


and change maxVersion to something higher…

Firefox config optimizations

Firefox hardware acceleration


There are a few special URLs, which begin with about:, that you can type into the Location Bar of Firefox.

  • about: — The same page as “Help → About”.
  • about:about — Lists all these about: URLs (Mozilla Suite only).
  • about:blank — A blank page. Useful for setting as your homepage.
  • about:buildconfig — Reveals details about your Mozilla build options.
  • about:cache — Displays cache statistics.
  • about:cache?device=memory — Lists memory cache entries.
  • about:cache?device=disk — Lists disk cache entries.
  • about:cache-entry — Shows information about a cache entry. Used in about:cache links. Requires parameters.
  • about:config — GUI for modifying user preferences (prefs.js).
  • about:credits — The list of contributors to the Mozilla projects.
  • about:logo — Displays the Mozilla logo (Mozilla Suite only).
  • about:license — shows the Mozilla Public License and the Netscape Public License for the piece of software.
  • about:mozilla — The famous Book of Mozilla.
  • about:plugins — Lists all your plugins as well as other useful information.

Filing slovenian tax forms with Firefox 3 (linux)

Official instructions are here:

Signing app test page is here:

Due to a bug in Java Firefox cannot communicate security protocols until 1.6.0-12. Ubuntu jaunty multiverse repository contains sun-java6-plugin and depends on jdk 1.6.0-13. The package works on 8.04 and 8.10. OpenSuSE has RPMs in factory and Fedora has them in testing. Since 1.6.0-12 you do not need or any of the jars from the page anymore!, as they get successfully downloaded automatically. Since 1.6.0-13, everything also works on amd64/x86_64. I've had to delete icedtea-gcjwebplugin on hardy and it's very likely also neccessary on intrepid and jaunty, as otherwise the openjdk gets used in which the jss3 cannot be used from within firefox due to bugs in security protocols (no matter what permissions you grant the edavki codebase, signing app still receives an exception when trying to set the security manager).

After installing the appropriate JDK, make sure you import your qualified certificate (but only if you didn't do this before - the java certificate store is in your home and if you kept it around, your certificates should still be here) and the sigov-ca (which the tax form signing code is signed with) into the java's certificate store (use the ControlPanel from JDK's bin dir, some distros will have a link to it from system settings menu). Make sure you use a certificate store password that you will still remember next year because you won't need it until then.

Granting permissions is not neccessary, but I did it anyway, as it saves you accepting some security dialogs (though in java 1.6.0-13 it seems these work properly and you only need to accept once if you mark the checkbox for “yes, always”). You can put these in .java.policy in your home if you care:

grant codeBase ""
  permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "";
  permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "";
  permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "";

Slovenski prevod

Zaradi napake v Javi, ki je bila odpravljena z različico 1.6.0-12, je najlažje, če naložite novejšo različico Jave (gre tudi z 1.5, a le na 32 bitnih sistemih in le po obilnem pacanju po navodilih s spletne strani edavki).

V distribucijah, kjer je privzeto nameščen icedtea vtičnik, ga morate odstraniti, sicer se uporabit OpenJDK različica Jave, ki ne deluje pravilno.

Potem namestite novi JDK in novi vtičnik. Z različico 1.6.0-13 je Sun, opala, Oracle končno izdal tudi 64 bitno različico vtičnika za spletne brskalnike, zato zdaj rešitev deluje tudi na 64 bitnih distribucijah. V ubuntu jaunty odlagališču “multiverse” je na voljo paket sun-java6-plugin - dovolj je, da namestite tega in pakete odvisne od njega (to bo namestilo ustrezne različice Jave), v drugih distribucijah pa imate praviloma reči na voljo v samem paketu za JDK, lahko pa namestite tudi tistega, ki ga brezplačno ponuja Sun, opala, Oracle. Java iz ubuntu jaunty odlagališča preverjeno brezhibno deluje tudi v ubuntu intrepid in ubuntu hardy in verjetno tudi na debianu - pazite le, da ne nadgradite programja, dokler imate odlagališče ubuntu jaunty vpisano v vire programja (v /etc/apt/sources.list vnesite vrstico deb jaunty multiverse , nato izvedite apt-get update in apt-get install sun-java6-plugin, potem pa vrstico pobrišite ali zakomentirajte in ponovno poženite apt-get update).

Po namestitvi morate (če niste tega že kdaj storili - shramba za certifikate se nahaja v vašem domačem imeniku in če ga vedno nosite s seboj, bodo certifikati že pripravljeni) uvoziti oba certifikata (vašega osebnega in sigov-ca, s katerim je programje podpisano) v Javino shrambo. Pri tem ne pozabite na varnost, hkrati pa pazite, da gesla ne pozabite, saj ga boste verjetno naslednjič uporabili šele čez eno leto!

To bi moralo biti za običajnega uporabnika dovolj: brskalnik vas bo na testni strani vprašal po dovoljenju za poganjanje programja založnika Hermes Softlab, kjer lahko z dodatno kljukico odgovorite, da se trajno strinjate, nakar bi se vam moralo izpisati magično sporočilo

Preverjanje komponente za digitalno podpisovanje Komponenta za digitalno podpisovanje je nameščena.

To je dovolj - zdaj se lahko prijavite v portal in tudi dejansko podpisujete dokumente, ki jih ustvarite. Obilo sreče!

Firefox 3 renders pages incorrect (linux)

Add the following to the device-section of your Xorg configurationfile:

Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "true"

Letting Firefox open new windows in a new tab instead

In the address-bar, enter “about:config”, then search for “browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs”. Double click on that line so that it becomes 'true'. Then open the preferences menu from the menu-bar. Go to “advanced” and then search for “Tools”: below there you can find “Force links that open new windows to open in…”, click the radio-button before “a new tab”. With these settings all new windows will go to a new tab unless it has features like different size or no toolbars. If you also want these kind of windows to be opened in a tab, go back to “about:config” and search for “”. When found, set it to “0”.

Speeding up Firefox

check SQLoptimizer add-on!

install sqlite3 command line package first!

Firefox insists on doing huge amounts of I/O when closing, as well as act slow when using the awesomebar, try the following (close down Firefox completely first):

killall firefox
killall thunderbird
du -hs ~/.mozilla/firefox
du -hs ~/.thunderbird
for f in  ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/*.sqlite; do sqlite3 ${f} "VACUUM;"; done
for f in  ~/.thunderbird/*/*.sqlite; do sqlite3 ${f} "VACUUM;"; done
du -hs ~/.mozilla/firefox
du -hs ~/.thunderbird

Win32 .bat file:

@echo off

REM IF EXIST "%APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles" SET "HAS_TBIRD=1"
REM IF EXIST "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" SET "HAS_FFOX=1"
REM IF EXIST "%APPDATA%\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\profiles" SET "HAS_PALEMOON=1"

set profiles=%APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles

cd /d %profiles%
 for /r %%a in (*.sqlite) do (
 echo %%a
 sqlite3 "%%a" VACUUM;
 sqlite3 "%%a" REINDEX;

set profiles=%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles
cd /d %profiles%
 for /r %%a in (*.sqlite) do (
 echo %%a
 sqlite3 "%%a" VACUUM;
 sqlite3 "%%a" REINDEX;

set profiles=%APPDATA%\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\profiles

cd /d %profiles%
for /r %%a in (*.sqlite) do (
 echo %%a
 sqlite3 "%%a" VACUUM;
 sqlite3 "%%a" REINDEX;


It’s harmless, no data will be lost: it compacts your sqlite databases.

cpu optimized builds

Firefox, Flash and Windows 7

Download flash and extract these files and copy them into your Fx plugins folder. Restart Fx when done.


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