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-Wow, that's a really celver way of thinking about it!+====== HP ProLiant DL145 G2 ====== 
 +**Advisory: CLUSTER FIRMWARE UPGRADE RECOMMENDED:​ ProLiant DL145 G2 Server May Intermittently Shut Down** 
 +  * [[http://​h20000.www2.hp.com/​bizsupport/​TechSupport/​Document.jsp?​lang=en&​cc=us&​taskId=110&​prodSeriesId=446006&​prodTypeId=15351&​prodSeriesId=446006&​objectID=c01074362|Advisory (HP support)]] 
 +  * [[http://​h18023.www1.hp.com/​support/​files/​server/​us/​download/​27262.html|Firmware Upgrade Diskette for HP ProLiant DL145]] 
 +**Regarding to HP support page!** 
 +Oh gods. I just went to HP's siteand saw that there'​s ​bios updates 
 +available. This is HP DL145-G2, which has 2 hard drives, and no floppy. 
 +Even the CDRom drive is optional. 
 +Guess what their updates run on? The fscking XXXX bios update for the 
 +DL145-G2 extracts to a physical floppy disk. GAH!!!Morons at work. 
 +===== Bootable custom image ===== 
 +   * Bootable cdrom IMAGE available ​ {{compaq_update.iso|here}} 
 +        *  **file:** {{compaq_update.iso|compaq_update.iso}} - includes SP35997.exe HP patch 
 +        *  **md5sum:** db0c9b43a4d1cbc4d4360467d115cb6f
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