HP ProLiant DL145 G2

Advisory: CLUSTER FIRMWARE UPGRADE RECOMMENDED: ProLiant DL145 G2 Server May Intermittently Shut Down


Regarding to HP support page! <pre> Oh gods. I just went to HP's site, and saw that there's bios updates available. This is a HP DL145-G2, which has 2 hard drives, and no floppy. Even the CDRom drive is optional.   Guess what their updates run on? The fscking XXXX bios update for the DL145-G2 extracts to a physical floppy disk. GAH!!!! Morons at work. </pre>

Bootable custom image

  • Bootable cdrom IMAGE available here
    • file: compaq_update.iso - includes SP35997.exe HP patch
    • md5sum: db0c9b43a4d1cbc4d4360467d115cb6f
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