How To Back Up MySQL Databases With mylvmbackup

  • mylvmbackup - is a Perl script for quickly creating MySQL backups. It uses LVM's snapshot feature to do so. To perform a backup, mylvmbackup obtains a read lock on all tables and flushes all server caches to disk, creates a snapshot of the volume containing the MySQL data directory, and unlocks the tables again

A sample command for backing up MyISAM tables would be:

 mylvmbackup --user=root --password=yourrootsqlpassword --mycnf=/etc/mysql/my.cnf --vgname=server1 --lvname=mysql --backuptype=tar 

And for InnoDB:

 mylvmbackup --user=root --password=yourrootsqlpassword --innodb_recover --skip_flush_tables --mycnf=/etc/mysql/my.cnf --vgname=server1 --lvname=mysql --backuptype=tar 
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