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-Enlightening ​the worldone heplufl article at a time.+[[http://​tuxtraining.com/​2008/​03/​04/​speed-up-start-time-for-openofficeorg/​|Speed up  OoO startup time]] 
 +  tools-> Java- uncheck use Java runtime environment 
 +Go to any Open Office application (Writer, Calc, Impress, Math, Draw, Base) and then proceed to the Tools Menu. At the bottom of that menu select Optoins. 
 +Under the OpenOffice.org headingselect Memory 
 +Now change these settings: 
 +Number of steps = 25 
 +Graphics Cache 
 +Use for OpenOffice.org = 30 MB 
 +Memory per Object = 2.0 MB 
 +Remove from memory after 00:05 hh:mm 
 +Cache for inserted Objects 
 +Number of Object = 15 
 +OpenOffice.org Quickstarter (check this box)
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