Run Skype from command line

You can run Skype for Windows or Linux from the command line. For example, if you have installed Skype in the default location, type the following command (including quotes):

“C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe”

You can also supply the following arguments:

/nosplashDo not display splash screen when Skype starts
/minimizedSkype is minimized to system tray when it starts
/callto:nameornumberCall the specified Skype Name or phone numbe
/shutdownClose Skype
/secondaryAllows you to start an additional skype.exe instance

The reason Skype forgets the password is generally that the user clicks the skype start icon more than once during a session. This makes skype attempt to log in again. When it fails because it is already logged in, it resets the stored password.

shell script to run secondary Skype from Linux command line

make a copy of ~./Skype folder - or create new one ~./Skype2

echo user pass  | nice /usr/bin/skype --pipelogin --disable-api --dbpath=~/.Skype &
echo user pass  | nice /usr/bin/skype --pipelogin --disable-api --secondary --dbpath=~/.Skype2 &
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