Virtual Internet Exchange (Setting up the BGP)

Links: Linux source routing


 hostname LinuxRouter
 password mysecretpassword
 enable password mysecretpassword
 log file /var/log/zebra.log


Template taken from WIki


 router bgp YOURAS
 bgp router-id 194.126.235.XX
 no bgp default ipv4-unicast
 network 195.16.84.XXX/25
 neighbor virtix peer-group
 neighbor virtix activate
 neighbor virtix next-hop-self
 neighbor virtix soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor virtix maximum-prefix 200
 neighbor virtix prefix-list virtix-in in
 neighbor virtix prefix-list virtix-out out
! IPv6
! neighbor virtix6 peer-group
! neighbor virtix6 activate
! Default VirtIX GW
 neighbor remote-as 31064
 neighbor peer-group virtix
 neighbor description Virt-IX Gateway


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