Enable icmp echo-request in Windows IPv4 and IPv6
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="icmpv6 echo-request" dir=in action=allow protocol=icmpv6:128,any
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="icmpv4 echo-request" dir=in action=allow protocol=icmpv4:8,any
udp traceroute

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=“traceroute-udp” dir=in action=allow protocol=udp localport=33434-33523 remoteport=32769-65535

UDP traceroute is always blocked by Windows firewall!

Other Windows network optimizing tweaks to make Internet / IP "faster"
netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
netsh int tcp set supplemental  template=internet congestionprovider=cubic
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=disable
netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled
netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled
netsh int tcp set global netdma=enabled
netsh int tcp set global timestamps=enabled

Windows IPv6 network tweaks

Windows by default generate random interface IDs for non-temporary autoconfigured IPv6 addresses. To change this type:

netsh interface ipv6 set privacy state=disabled store=active
netsh interface ipv6 set privacy state=disabled store=persistent
netsh interface ipv6 set global randomizeidentifiers=disabled store=active
netsh interface ipv6 set global randomizeidentifiers=disabled store=persistent

Disable 6to4 and Teredo, by entering the following commands in an Administrator shell:

netsh interface teredo set state disabled
netsh interface ipv6 6to4 set state state=disabled undoonstop=disabled
netsh interface ipv6 isatap set state state=disabled

and/or disable IP helper service:

net stop "IP Helper"

or use

Tweak network awareness
Windows XP Professional (Slovenia Keyboard Layout)
 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts\00000424]
 "Layout Text"="Slovenian"
 "Layout Display Name"="@%SystemRoot%\\system32\\input.dll,-5041"
 "Layout File"="KBDCR.DLL"

Download kbdcr.dll and put it in windows\system32 and windows\system32\dllcache

Faster Windows XP boot
Time sync

“disable \”Windows Time\“ service and use

START /B “Time” “C:\util\cmdtime3.exe” sync /M:3600

Software RAID1 on Windows XP

Uncompressing the WHOLE disk in Windows XP

go to root directory of the drive and type

 compact /u /s /a /q /i
Enable PAE in x86 32-bit Windows to Use Large 4GB or More RAM Memory
Crack Windows passwords
Free Windows Utils
How to Disable Annoying GoogleUpdate.exe on windows operating system

Many of them would have noticed GoogleUpdate.exe process in your task manager which comes when you install one of the google app… though it does not consume much of cpu process nevertheless some people may want to get rid of this from there process pool… so below is the simple steps to disable the google updater

–> Go to–>Contol panel–>Sheduled tasks

How to disable UtilMan

Option A) Disable access to UtilMan: “cacls %windir%\system32\utilman.exe /C /D Everyone”
REG ADD “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility\StickyKeys” /v Flags /t REG_SZ /d 0 /f

How to disable hibernation hiberfil.sys
powercfg.exe -h off
How to disable Windows services from command line CLI

@echo off
net stop "Adaptive Brightness"
net stop "Application Experience"
net stop "BitLocker Drive Encryption Service"
net stop "Bluetooth Support Service"
net stop "Computer browser"
net stop "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager"
net stop "Diagnostic Policy service"
net stop "Diagnostic System Host"
net stop "Diagnostic Service Host"
net stop "Disk Defragmenter"
net stop "Distributed Link Tracking Client"
net stop "Encrypting File System (EFS)"
net stop "Function Discovery Provider Host"
net stop "Function Discovery Resource Publication"
net stop "HomeGroup Listener"
net stop "HomeGroup Provider"
net stop "Human Interface Device Access"
net stop "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)"
net stop "IP Helper"
net stop "Offline Files"
net stop "Portable Device Enumerator Service"
net stop "Remote Desktop Configuration"
net stop "Remote Desktop Services"
net stop "Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector"
net stop "Remote Registry"
net stop "Routing and Remote Access"
net stop "Server"
net stop "Workstation"
net stop "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)"
net stop "Shell Hardware Detection"
net stop "Tablet PC Input service"
net stop "Themes"
net stop "Windows Defender"
net stop "Windows Media Player Network Sharing service"
net stop "WWAN AutoConfig"
net stop "Windows Time"

More on Windows services:

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