Uploading a Configuration File (CLI Procedure)

Options Description
merge Combines the current active configuration and the configuration in filename or the one that you type at the terminal. A merge operation is useful when you are adding a new section to an existing configuration. If the active configuration and the incoming configuration contain conflicting statements, the statements in the incoming configuration override those in the active configuration.
override Discards the current candidate configuration and loads the configuration in filename or the one that you type at the terminal. When you use the override option and commit the configuration, all system processes reparse the configuration. You can use the override option at any level of the hierarchy.
replace Searches for the replace tags, deletes the existing statements of the same name, if any, and replaces them with the incoming configuration. If there is no existing statement of the same name, the replace operation adds the statements marked with the replace tag to the active configuration.

To enter configuration mode:

 user@switch> configure

You will see this output, with the hash or pound mark indicating configuration mode. Entering configuration mode


Load the configuration file:

  user@switch# load merge terminal

At the cursor, paste the contents of the Clipboard using the mouse and the Paste icon:

    user@switch# load merge terminal
    [Type ^D at a new line to end input]
    >Cursor is here. Paste the contents of the clipboard here<

Press Enter.

Press Ctrl+D to set the end-of-file marker.

To view results of the configuration steps before committing the configuration, type the show command at the user prompt.

To commit these changes to the active configuration, type the commit command at the user prompt.You can also edit the configuration interactively using the CLI and commit it at a later time.

Note: For this operation to work, you must include replace tags in the text file or in the configuration you type at the terminal.

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