SNAPPSNMP Network Analysis and Presentation Package is a network statistical data collection and visualization tool. SNAPP consists of two pieces: A high-speed, persistent data collector written in C, and a web-based front-end for administration and visualization, written in Perl/CGI.
One-Way Active Measurement ProtocolOWAMP is a command line client application and a policy daemon used to determine one way latencies between hosts. It is an implementation of the OWAMP protocol as defined by (When referring to the protocol within this document, “OWAMP” will be in italicized. In all other instances, “OWAMP” will be referring to this implementation.)
IU Syslog Scripts The Indiana University Syslog Scripts are a set of scripts that allow interesting entries from a set of system logs to be e-mailed periodically to engineers for closer inspection.
Indiana University Router ProxyRouter Proxy is a web-based perl-driven management tool specifically designed for Cisco, Juniper, HP, Force10, and several TL1-based devices. Command output may be retrieved from the remote device in its raw form, or tabular formatted data.
NAV (Network Administration Visualized)
OpenNetAdmin An IPAM system to track IP addressing and build DNS/DHCP configurations as well as archive cisco/juniper configurations.
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