man dhcp-options

    option flag;
        When the client sends this, if it is true, it means the client \\
        will not attempt  to update its A record.
        When sent by the server to the client, it means that the client \\
        should not update its own A record.
     option fqdn.server-update flag;
        When  the  client  sends  this to the server, it is requesting that the server update its A record.   When sent by the
        server, it means that the server has updated (or is about to update) the client's A record.

# # DHCP Server Config File #

ddns-update-style none;
ignore client-updates;
lease-file-name "/var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases";
default-lease-time                      86400;   # 24 hours
max-lease-time                          172800;  # 48 hours
subnet netmask {
      ddns-domainname                       "home.lan";
      option domain-name                    "home.lan";
      option domain-name-servers  ;
      option netbios-name-servers ;
      option netbios-dd-server    ;
      option routers              ;
      option ntp-servers          ;
      ddns-update-style                     ad-hoc;
      option netbios-node-type              8;
      option ip-forwarding                  off;
      option non-local-source-routing       off;
      option perform-mask-discovery         off;
      option router-discovery               off;
      option tcp-keepalive-garbage          off;

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